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    Estate Planning for Peace of Mind

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    Wills and Trusts

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This Houston, Texas based Estate Planning law firm was started by Richard C. Shanks in 1997. Rick left one of the largest law firms in Texas where he was the head of the Estate Planning section. In leaving that firm, Rick has been able to carry on a family tradition of entrepreneurship which has enabled him to work closely with clients.

Having seen the apprehension many people have about the process of planning their estate, Rick developed a simplified "Picture Diagram" approach which visually walks the client through the process. This unique "Picture Diagram" process helps to ease a client's confusion and fears about the planning process.

The firm's clients range from individuals with assets consisting of not much more than a car and house to professional athletes with an asset base of millions of dollars. Regardless of who you are or the size of your assets, the firm has one mission with every client:

  • Keep the Process Simple
  • Provide Quick Turn-Around
  • Value Long Term Relationships